hard plaster, class III

Hard plaster
- for all prosthetic models
- for working, situation and opposing models
- investing of models in flasks possible
- shortened working time
- very good flow characteristics
- smooth and homogenous surfaces

Plaster type 2
- for investing of partial and full denture
- good flow characteristics
- precise reproduction of all details of the wax models

Super hard stone
- for sectioned, master and static models
- top price-performance ratio
- shortened working time

Super hard stone, liquid
- for basing arches
- particular liquid consistency
- flows under arches and pins
- very dense, firm margins
- bubble free bases
- low expansion for stress-free models

Rapid set super hard stone for creative technicians
- short demould time of 10 minutes
- can be used for various applications
- for urgent denture repairs and relinings

Super hard stone, superior quality
- for implant work, sectioned and master models
- good thixotrope quality and very good flow characteristics
- can be scanned with several systems
- ideal for plastic basing systems
- extreme easy processing