Vinyl polysiloxane based, addition-curing duplicating material for laboratory use.
Ormaduplo 22 performs high dimensional stability and an extraordinary precision in details reproductions.

High precision in details reproduction.
Long lasting dimensional stability.

Mixing Ratio (Base:Catalyst): 1 : 1
Working Time (at 23°C): 3′ 00″
Setting Time (at 23°C): 12′ 00″
Final Hardness (after 24 h): 22 (±1) Shore A
Recovery from deformation: 99,95 %

High precision alginate for impressions.
The excellent dimensional stability allows casting of the impressions after 5 days (if correctly stored in sealed container). Alginmajor exceeds ISO 1563 requirements.

High precision alginate for impressions with chromatic phase indicator. Thanks to the MAP technology (modified atmosphere packaging) the product shelf life is 6 years.
The excellent dimensional stability allows casting of the impressions after 5 days (if correctly stored in sealed container).

Ormadent Putty
Polysiloxane based, condensation-curing material for preliminary precision impressions. Ormadent Putty formulation, based on synthetic spheroidal silicas fillers, performs the maximum fluidity combined with perfect final dimensional stability. Ormadent Putty, due to its excellent initial flowing and final rigidity, guarantees the best results for all impression techniques. Ormadent Putty is the ideal support when employed in the “two-stage putty/wash technique” and it ensures the perfect cohesion between putty and light materials in the “single-stage double mixing technique”. This leads to the realization of high precision impressions.

Ormamax Light
Ormamax Light is a polysiloxane based, condensation-curing material for second precision impressions.
Its specific formulation guarantees the optimal initial fluidity for an easy intraoral product flowing.
Oramamax Light doesn’t drip, it is syringeable and directly applicable on the preparation.
Its consistency and high hydrocompatibility guarantee a perfect reproduction of fine details in every clinical condition.
Ormamax Light is the ideal product when employed both for the “single-stage double mixing technique” and for the “two-stage putty/wash technique”.

Major Ormakit contains a complete set of condensation curing silicones: one silicone putty for the first impression, one light bodied silicone for the second impression, together with 2 35ml. packs of activator gel, suitable for the whole content of the kit.

Ormactivator Gel
Gel catalysts for condensation-curing silicones.