Investment for crown and bridge technique
- premium quality for gold, gold telescopics, non-precious alloys and pressable ceramics
- very fine with a dense consistency for castings, the expansion is easy to control with
results having a very smooth surface and exceptional precise fit
- used for shock heat process and the traditional slow heating process


Investment for rapid prototyping
- phosphate bonded
- for three-dimensional printed plastic models
- for casting almost all kind of alloys
- very precise casting result
- maximum bonding of arising oxide


Special speed investment for non-precious alloys
- for crown and bridge technique
- for shock heat process as well as for traditional slow heating process
- the colour change indicates the right time for placing the muffle into the furnace
- shortened setting time of approx. 10 minutes
- very easy devesting and sandblasting
- very suitable for milled wax and acrylic parts



Robust chrome investment
- for rapid burn out and for the conventional heating process
- silicone and gel duplication
- for chrome castings with a precise fit
- for very smooth surfaces
- for stable margins
- the oxides will be bonded when devesting